Friday, July 23, 2010

nice family -french, very catholic.

my mom had really been bothering me a lot lately. i usually keep my mouth shut because when i say things about religion to my mother she turns into a really big asshole for about 2 days. i forget what we were talking about but the other night, last night in the car i told her she was really intolerant, and she said something i don't know what but something that would lead us to believe that she was surprised we thought so and believed she wasn't. i said- well mom didn't you tell tink that if olivia was a lesbian you wouldn't go over to her house and you would never meet her partner? she confirmed this. i said that's fucking disgusting. and so filled with blind and borrowed rage that so sadly came from some sort of heart..

how do you think they have sex? even men and woman, something something penis in the anus. this is as far as it got and tink started shouted EW EW EW shut the hell up never say those words again. and i started talking calmly about the peas i had for dinner and how i couldnt believe peas could be so delicious.

i knew when thinking about this comment i had heard she made that it all came down to a matter of sex. because homosexual sex isn't a matter of reproduction, so why should it happen? lust, sin, perversion. duh. she said it isn't natural. when i thnk about how religion was created i think about it explaining and sanctifying the nature of life. and this isn't something i believe, or i have, or a practice, is something that isn't natural but i think that sets people apart from animals. jus sayin mom.


  1. the day before i told someone about how when i was little i used to say i was allergic to peas, the day after i was invited to a play about gay men having children.

  2. you missed a really terrific play and I really liked this entry

  3. i love how you stick with d bag as an anonymous commenter but you punctuate it differently every time, surely not intentional. i think you should make a google account. ~~*ebayprincess*~~

  4. hehehehe yah probably