Saturday, February 6, 2010


mental illness is a first world affair. people always say how happy and how bright the smiles of the third world are. all that life is, is survival. physical survival. meeting your needs of survival. any turmoil or triumph comes from these needs. when you're life isn't in danger these needs are met without fail. in the first world new needs arise. emotional needs. need for answers. need to expand. need for understanding. the possibility of needing to be understood god dammit. individuality for chrisake.

2012 won't end life on this planet... something bad is going to happen. something bad is going to happen to the first world. and they'll beg and plead and say "don't you remember haiti?" sandra bullock gave 2 million dollars! My children, they're dying. i hope it's a massive earthquake like none before that just tears the shit out of the USA.


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  1. insight; you make me feel the hype at least